Double Meal

Include 1*Main Dish; 1*Meat Dish; 2*Snacks/Drinks/Desserts (Daily)

Meat Dishes
(S101) Bulgogi (Open at 11.30 AM)
(S101) Buldaezi-Super spicy pork (Open at 11.30 AM)
(S101) Jaeyuk bokum-Sweet and spicy pork with veggie (Open at 11.30 AM)
(S101) Ojingoh bokum-Spicy stir-fried squid with veggie and somyeon (Open at 11.30 AM)
(THAI) Tamarind Duck Thigh (served with Chinese broccoli spicy tamarind sauce)
(THAI) Thai Charred Squid-Whole Char-grilled marinated squid with Wasabi sauce
(THAI) Thai Larb Pork (mixing with Thai herbs onion cilantro chili powder with lime dressing)
(MSB) Ants on the Tree (Closed on Tuesdays)
(MSB) Sweet Corn Shrimp (Closed on Tuesdays)
(CTS)Tom Rang Muoi-Salt & pepper shrimp (Closed on Tuesdays)
(CTS) Chem Chep Xao La Que-Sauteed mussel with basil leaves (Closed on Tuesdays)
(CTS) Cai Chua Xao Bo-Sauteed beef with sour mustard (Closed on Tuesdays)
(CTS) Cai Lan Xao Bo-Sauteed beef with Chinese broccoli (Closed on Tuesdays)
(CTS) Rau Muong Xao Bo-Sauteed beef with Ong Choi (Closed on Tuesdays)
(CW) 豆仔牛 Beef With String Bean
(CW) Beef Brisket W radish 牛喃蘿蔔
(S101) Tonkatsu Pork cutlet (Open at 11.30 AM)
(S101) Godeungoh gui-Grilled mackerel (Open at 11.30 AM)
(S101) Marun ojingoh-Grilled dried squid (Open at 11.30 AM)
(THAI) Thai Larb Chicken (Spicy level 1)
(THAI) Yum Nua (Spicy level 1)
(CTS) Bong Cai Xao Bo (Closed on Tue)
(CW) 金 豬 Roast Pig (Only Fri/Sat/Sun)
(CW) 滷牛筋 Beef Tendon
(CW) 芥蘭牛 Beef With Broccoli
(CW) 栗子鸡 Chicken with Chest nut
(ZS) Grilled Yellow Tail Collar Robata
(MH) S6. Grilled Shrimp(12 pcs)
(S101) Smoked Bossam (Open at 11.30 AM)
Main dishes
(PK) Thin Egg Noodles Medium-Soup (Closed on Tuesdays)
(PK) Soft Rice Noodles Medium-Soup (Closed on Tuesdays)
(S101) Tuckpocky Spicy stir fried rice (Open at 11.30 AM)
(S101) Rapocky Spicy stir fried rice (Open at 11.30 AM)
(TS) Tomato Soup With Rice Noodles
(MSB) House Special Spicy Chow Mein (Closed on Tuesdays)
(MSB) Combination Fried Rice (Closed on Tuesdays)
(BC) B5. Crispy Prawn Egg Drop Sandwich
(CTS) Banh Tam Bi-Rice noodle with coconut milk shredded pork (Closed on Tuesdays)
(CW) 蝦雲吞湯麵 Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup
(CW) 蜜汁叉燒飯 B.B.Q Pork on Rice
(PB) Pho-Eye Round Steak& Lean Brisket large
(PB) Pho-Seafood small
(ZS) Katsu Chicken Over Rice
(MH) Chicken Katsu with Steamed Rice Macaroni Salad & Veg.
(MH) Fried Shrimp with Steamed Rice Macaroni Salad & Veg.
(YS) Cajun Fried Rice (Open Time. Fri to Sun 12 PM. Mon to Thu 3 PM)
(MSB) Dan Dan Noodles (Closed on Tuesdays)
(DY) Shrimp Teriyaki with salad and rice
(DY) Chicken Teriyaki with salad and rice
Required • Choose 2
(TS) Fried Steam Bun with Condensed Milk
(TS) Simmered Chicken
(DY) Gyoza Dumplings (8)
(DY) Veggie Spring Rolls (3)
(DY) Tako Yaki
(THAI) Thaicoon Rolls (4) Veggie (4)
(BC) C5. French Fries
(BC) C6. Sweet Potato Fries
(BC) C11. Deep Fried Crispy Banana
(YS) Mini Corndogs-Battered and deep fried sausage
(YS) Fried Pickles-Battered and deep fried
(TT) Taro Milk Tea w/ Pearl
(CTS) Nuoc Dua Tuoi-Fresh coconut juice
(CTS) Nuoc Mia-Fresh sugarcane juice-Small
(CTS) Chai Thai Lan-Tropical fruit dessert
(CTS) Che Dau Do-Red bean with jelly & coconut milk
(YM) Genki Forest Lemon Green Tea
(YM) Four Seasons Passion Fruit Green Tea
(YM) Korean Honeydew Green Tea Smoothie
(YM) Yomie's Purple Rice Yogurt
(YM) Pink • Fleshy Peach Fruit Yogurt
(YM) Avocado Yogurt
(YM) Mango Yogurt
(YM) Strawberry Yogurt
(BC)F1. Bingo Signature Fresh Fruit Tea
(PB) Special Vietnamese Sandwich Pate pork roll
(PB) Chargrilled Pork Sandwich
(PB) Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich
(PB) Chargrilled Beef Sandwich
(BC) C4. Deep Fried Onion Rings
(ZS) Edamame Sea Salt
(CHD) Volcano Hotdog
(CHD) Sweet Potato Mozzarella Hotdog
(BC) F5. Bingo Thai Milk Tea
(BC) F6. Bingo Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk
(YM) Yomie's Oats Yogurt
(ZS) Mango Mochi Ice Cream
(ZS) Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream
(ZS) Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream
(YP) 1.Chả Giò (3 rolls)-Vietnamese crispy eggrolls (3 Rolls)
(YP) 2.Gỏi Cuốn (2 rolls)-Fresh spring soft rolls (shrimp/pork/ or both)
(YP) 3.Thit Heo Nuong Goi Cuon (2 rolls)-BBQ pork soft spring rolls
(YP) 4.Thit Ga Nuong Goi Cuon (2 rolls)-BBQ chicken soft spring rolls
(CHD) All Mozzarella Hotdog
(CHD) Ramyon Noodle Chips Hotdog
(CHD) Squid Ink Hotdog with Mozzarella Cheese
(BC) Strawberry Swiss Roll
(BC) F2. Bingo Milk Tea